“So, what do you do?”

What if your new job was helping people affected by family violence?

Since the Royal Commission into Family Violence findings were handing down in 2016, Victoria has been leading the world in its effort to prevent family violence.

From the establishment of a growing network of The Orange Door support and safety hubs to incorporating the voices of victim survivors into the state’s family violence reforms, the Victorian Government has made a record $2.9 billion investment into addressing one of the most urgent law and order emergencies in our state.

But we need your help – for the family violence sector to grow, we need to attract and retain a highly qualified workforce and strengthen the capacity of the system to meet the current and future demands for specialist family violence and prevention practitioners.

Victoria needs social workers, researchers, educators, advocates, leaders – roles in family violence are as diverse as the communities we serve.

Working in family violence is a chance to make a real difference, with a wide variety of roles available to work with people and families affected by violence and men who use violence.

What is family violence?

Family violence is any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in current or past family, domestic or intimate relationships.

Intimate partners, family members and non-family carers can perpetrate violence against people in their care. Young people can also use violence or be victims of violence within their family.

Family violence is emotional or financial abuse, physical or sexual violence, and coercive, controlling or emotionally or psychologically abusive behaviour from a person in your family or an intimate partner. It can include having your movement restricted and being isolated from friends or family.

Did you know?

  • About one quarter of women in Australia have experienced at least one incident of violence by an intimate partner.
  • On average, one woman a week in Australia is killed by her intimate partner.
  • Intimate partner violence is the greatest health risk factor (greater than smoking, alcohol and obesity) for women in their reproductive years.

Make a difference in a career that’s meaningful, challenging and rewarding.

  • Are you empathetic, a good listener and communicator, and committed to ending family violence in Victoria?
  • Do you want to work in a busy, dynamic and evolving sector that is receiving more government investment than ever before?
  • Do you want to change the story for people affected by family violence?

If this sounds like you, the Victorian family violence sector wants to hear from you.

Right now, there are opportunities across Victoria for people with diverse skills, experience, backgrounds and qualifications.

Family violence roles are incredibly diverse – from case management and counselling, to policy and research, to training and communication.

We welcome people from all walks of life - people who want to make a real difference to ending family violence.

For job seekers

If you are looking for a new role, the Family Violence Jobs Portal will provide you with an efficient and easy way to access a range of jobs and employment opportunities across a range of family violence roles in Victoria.

It’s also a great way to stay on top of industry news as it happens and be part of a growing employment sector.

  • Find jobs quickly and easily via keyword, job category and location search.
  • Set a job alert to be notified of new matched opportunities.
  • Shortlist jobs of interest and apply.
  • Create an AirCV profile, enabling you to apply for jobs from any mobile device - anywhere, anytime.
  • Share jobs and opportunities you find with friends and colleagues via social media.

For students and graduates

  • If you are currently studying social work or a related qualification at university, have you considered a career in family violence?
  • If you have recently graduated with a social work (or similar, related) qualification, have you considered a career in the family violence sector?
  • Do you want to work in an exciting, challenging and rewarding sector that makes a real difference for people affected by family violence?

The Victorian family violence sector needs someone like you.

If you are studying another related degree or vocational qualification, such as psychology, criminal justice, health promotion, or community services, then you too could be exactly what the family violence sector needs.

You will learn and grow through the support of your colleagues, on-the-job training and best practice approaches.

Don’t assume that you are not right for a job in family violence – we need people with diverse backgrounds, experience, qualifications and skills right across Victoria.

For career changers

  • Do you work in the health and community services sector?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to grow your skills in another part of the sector?

Then you could be exactly what the family violence sector is looking for.

You can bring your skills as a social or community services worker and transfer your skills and experience from other, related fields, such as psychology, housing and homelessness, drug and alcohol, mental health, child and family services, disability services, criminal justice and so on.

You will learn and grow through the support of your colleagues, on-the-job training and best practice approaches.

Visit the Family violence jobs website for more information on why you should work in the sector, who we need and the types of roles that exist within the Victorian family violence sector.

For existing family violence workers

If you work in family violence and need a change, there are a lot of opportunities in other parts of the sector.

For employers

The Family Violence Jobs Portal is a platform where you can access staff and talent within the family violence sector across Victoria.

  • Post your vacancies for free on the portal and find the right person for your job.
  • Sign-in from anywhere to view applicants and shortlist talent.
  • Share your job role via social media.
  • Print a QR coded job beacon poster to display at your organisation.
  • Search through resumes submitted by job seekers using the AirCV function.

The "So, what do you do?" campaign offers employers a range of resources and information to help you attract and retain great people. For research insights, posters, social media messages and video animations see the Family Violence Jobs – for employers page.