Attracting a workforce to reflect our diverse community

Posted: 7th Jun

Victorians affected by family violence should have access to support workers that reflect our diverse community. Our new So, what do you do? video promotes diversity in the family violence workforce and sends the message that we need people with different skills, experience and backgrounds for roles as diverse as the communities we serve. 

Watch video: Supporting diverse communities affected by family violence

The Royal Commission into Family Violence recognised that people from diverse communities can face additional barriers to getting the help that they need. This places them at greater risk of experiencing family violence. 

The Everybody Matters: Inclusion and Equity Statement is the Victorian Government’s 10-year vision for a more inclusive, safe, responsive and accountable family violence system.  

The statement is about taking an intersectional approach to better support those who experience or who use family violence, regardless of their gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, ability, race or religion.  

There are many opportunities at community and mainstream services for people with various skills, experiences and backgrounds to work with diverse people impacted by family violence. 

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